Invitation and Entry Forms

Nordic Veteran Championship


The Finnish Association for Veteran Shooters has the honor to invite the Nordic nations to Nordic Veteran Championship in pistol shooting 2022. The Championship will be held in Pori at Katinkuru Shooting Center.

General information

Rules: ISSF and NVC

Date: 6th - 10th July 2022

Place: Katinkuru Shooting Center
Pinomäentie 224
28540 Pori

Air Pistol:
Satakunnan Ampujat Air Weapons Range
Itsenäisyydenkatu 44, Pori
located in the center of the town, 5 km from Katinkuru Shooting Center

Targets: 25m x 30 SIUS – 50m x 40 paper targets – 10m x 16 SIUS

Ceremonies: The opening ceremony will be held on Thursday the 7th of July at 10:00.


NVC2022 invitation (FINAL) nvc2022.pdf

Entry form: 

Link: Entry_form_2022

Preliminary program: 


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